Sunday, October 16, 2011

Top Five Reasons I Will Not Wake Up Early Tomorrow

Every Sunday, I make these grand plans about what I could do with the extra time I'd earn by waking up early. Monday, I could write. Tuesday, a yoga practice. Wednesday, walk the dog. Thursday, go running. Friday, free choice! It could be wild. Who knows?

And then every Monday morning, I turn off the alarm (either when I'm up to pee at 2am or while it's sounding) and forget the whole thing. It's just not worth it.

Maybe it's because my body needs the extra sleep since I'm growing someone else's. Maybe I'm lazy. Maybe I go to bed too late. Maybe all of the above.

But every Monday afternoon, I get get angry with myself for ruining my own well-laid plans. Because I don't really have any other time to do the things I'd like to develop into daily habits. But beating myself up doesn't change anything. Tuesday doesn't dawn any differently.

So tonight, I'm just going to get honest with myself. Here are the top five reasons I WILL NOT WAKE UP EARLY tomorrow morning.

1. it will be cold. i will be warm under my covers.
2. it will be dark. i will want to hibernate.
3. it will be early. but not early enough. a child will wake up within minutes anyway.
4. i will not be accountable. no one is waiting for me but the dog.
5. nothing, nothing, nothing will be more meaningful or worth my time or growth-facilitating or life altering than closing my eyes for a few more minutes. the only bummer is that i'll be unconscious and won't know anything of the bliss i'm experiencing. but bliss it will be, nonetheless.

You're right. Forget it. I'm not even setting the alarm.