Wednesday, October 5, 2011

simply ten

taking a cue from SouleMama, boiling down the day to ten good things.


it's not too hard to do
with a life like this


~a small-bodied, big-voiced singer serving as my alarm clock {even though it was 5am}

~the ecstatic smile and wave through the bus window {i don't embarrass her --yet}

~an hour of luxury reading while the littles played intently {how i devour you, hunger games}

~new! compression! stockings! in! the! mail! {oh, the unsung joys of pregnancy}

~a clean bedspread drying in the sun {can't wait to crawl in}

~eating the cake she made {and the joy on her face as i took "bites" of sand water and rocks}

~the hello hug at preschool pickup {still so short, she squeezes my leg, constrictor style}

~driving through falling leaves {they'll fly right off the car, mama}

~dinner i didn't have to make {dishes i didn't have to do}

~earning money in my pajamas {snuggled under the afghan my grandma made}


and you? what was good about today?