Wednesday, January 19, 2011

with a door

We have a dishwasher. The automatic kind. The not-me kind.

It's not installed yet. That's a project for another day. {Another year?} Right now, it's a good shelf for random stuff in the laundry room.

It's a hulking heap of possibility. Slumbering now. But just think! To load it up and turn it on! All those little cups and little bowls and spoons, spoons, spoons. Done.

It's also a good half-wall in my new office.

I like sitting next to it. Here. In my own space.

My desk tucks neatly in this corner of the laundry room. I have everything I need. Two lamps for softer lighting. A blanket and scarf and fingerless gloves because it's kind of cold down here. A princess cup with a few pencils and pens. A place to set my tea.

And a door.

Most importantly. A door.

John has plans to put in drywall and paint and flooring and make this thing really real. But I don't really care if that ever happens.

I've got a door.

I've already gotten a lot of work work done in this space. And a little writing, too. It's my own little corner of possibility. A place that's mine.

With a door.