Thursday, January 13, 2011

what I like


Middle of the night.

Girl-three just learned how to put in pre-dawn requests. Daddy isn't going to cut it for this waking. I don't like this development.

I get up. But an inner monologue chants, There is nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing about this that I like. Nothing. 




Girl-three requests possession of Girl-one's stuffed animal. Girl-one laughs and hands it to her. She takes Girl-three by the hand to help her find her own kitty.

I like watching them walk down the hallway, tall and short, side by side.



Getting ready.

Girl-three demands this story. The kids in the book wiggle and bend and stomp and ask the kid on my lap if she can do it too. Girl-two stations herself at my side and demonstrates. Girl-three mimics her sister.

I like watching her eyes.




Girl-three is on my hip. I'm drinking {more} coffee and downing some cereal. Girl-three grabs the raisins from my bowl.

I like her weight in my arm and the way her hair smells and watching her long fingers smoosh against the space between her nose and her lip as she shoves food into her mouth.


I hate midnight.

But I love this life.

So I refill my coffee cup and get on with the day.


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