Friday, October 8, 2010


I stopped under the tree. I had to. It spoke to me.

The sun was beginning to step out of the sky. Bowing out slowly but never without a show.

And this is what I saw: A certain angle of the rays; a certain shadow cast from the nearest house.

A tree -- half-changed, half-illuminated, half on fire. Entirely real.

The canopy bled gold and each leaf waved the sun like a banner held high, proclaiming glory be. The understory remained deep green and shadowed. I stood below with feet planted like roots.

It was a burning bush in its own way. Not at knee height but overhead, with leaves -- distinctly maple -- carpeting the sidewalk under my feet.

And a voice, not booming but mine.

Do you see the tree, Rue?

Her reply, equal in gesture. She pointed upward with an outstretched finger.

The divine within me honors the divine within you.

We walked on. I wondered what else we'd see.