Friday, October 1, 2010

the bigger picture

Today, I woke up in a raging bad mood. The kind induced by too little sleep and too much self pity, deepened by way too much too-strong coffee.

Today is also the first day of NaBloWriMo. I want to write a post.

But I don't want my words to come echoing out of this pit. And I don't want to sit down this hole all day either.

So I take a shower and use up too much hot water. I eat some yogurt to settle this too-queasy stomach. And I sit down with resolve to write something much more positive than I feel.

I check my email and visit my favorite sites -- the first one speaks to me. About the bigger picture.

This is it. 

It's Blog for your Breasts Day over at Bigger Picture Blogs. A perfect wake-up call.

Hello, Sarah? Get out of your head. Get out of your bad mood. You have nothing to feel low about. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. You are not battling for your life. Yours is right in front of you. Use it. Use it. Use it. 

As if on cue, my sister-in-law Kim calls me on the phone.  The strong one. I ask her if she's heard about Army of Women, the non-profit initiative run by the Dr. Susan Love Reserach Foundation and sponsored by Avon. She hasn't heard of it, but she agrees that grassroots movements like this one are important for advocacy and research.

So I'm signing up. I want to help this group meet their 1 MILLION MEN AND WOMEN goal, to be part of a database of folks interested in learning more about and potentially participating in research studies aimed to help prevent breast cancer. I'm not registered for any particular project, and I didn't pay anything to join. I am pledging to support this initiative, help if I can, and ultimately urge the scientific community to include prevention studies as part of breast cancer research.

And I'm asking you to consider joining, too. To be part of the bigger picture.

Even if you're in a bad mood.