Saturday, September 11, 2010

her day

babies never come on their due dates.

do they?

this one did.
she was born on a black-marked day
already filled with freeze frames
of a whole people's fear and pain
she knew nothing about that when she blinked at me

but the world is cold so i wrapped her in All i have
and i gave her to drink that thing that fills me
and i watched her learn to
smile, laugh, walk
talk, reason, empathize

until all of the sudden here she is

all compassion and will and always-right
a sponge, an ear
flitting through the day and anchoring me here
in Truth

someday she'll feel the weight of this day o-one
but i don't believe it will teach despair
to this child of o-four

no, not her.
she has wings unfolding.