Saturday, February 13, 2010

walk in this stream

february freezes the light setting the sun slowly tonight unwanted snow strangely satisfies icing the landscape imitating sugar but just cold on my sock foot crunch so loudly hardly hear geese celebrate in symphony or cacophony opposite the dog who sniffs and bounds through joy reveling maybe more than me but for basic reasons no metaphor just the breath in my lungs the wind sculpted snow drifts motion frozen the sap stilled in tree veins waiting waiting waiting for the thaw alive quivering anticipating ready to spring secret visitors leap here and there on errands tracks snowshoe prints take me off the marked path through shadowy silhouetted trees now from an insideout angle beautiful bare as memory sees them fully leafed no trace of that next season so buried in the cold sky my eyes lift to first twinklings no wait that's an airplane but that that that yes not of this world wanting to remember this scene with words that stick in my pen frozen in the inky blackening sky above feet off the snow on naked sidewalk magic shatters on cement leads me home.