Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Non Lenten reflections

I eat meat on Fridays – or whenever I want. I eat between meals – or at my stomach's directive. And I didn't give up anything for Lent.

I don't consider myself Christian, at least not today. But I feel profoundly connected to Something right here – Something within, above, and all around. So even though I'm not observing Lent in the ways of my spiritual past, the season prompts me to do a little inner spring cleaning.

The day still freezes my breath, but each dawn births a sun stronger than yesterday's. The Thaw promises itself in lengthening days and penetrating rays; my soul accepts Spring's Oath of Return, arching upwards to break out of iced-over ruts and rise – alive – out of the dead of winter.

I light a candle with this rebirth intention, watching the flame illuminate a soft arc of space. I say a prayer – not the Dear God, please bless my family prayer I once used – but a non-verbal offering. I gather all the energy from the corners of my body, mind, and soul into a warm center. I breathe it in: tasting it, absorbing it. Then I exhale, sending it Out, intending it to knock and be received.

So if sometime in this pre-spring season, a ball of white light hits you in the face? Hi. That's me. I'm aiming for your center, but I'm still learning how to toss.