Friday, February 25, 2011

Birthday Treats (for you) -- a giveaway

It really doesn't feel that long ago. A day just like today, probably.

My mom poured chocolate into heart molds. We added lollipop sticks and waited for them to cool. I took them to class and handed them out at snack time. Sweets to the sweet. Star for a day.

Today I'm 30. Years away from that elementary school classroom. And miles away from so many of you.

But I'm so happy you come here. And while I'd love to hand out cupcakes, this computer screen is no magic looking glass. So the best way I can think of to reach through is to share something I love.

Sleep is getting better around here, but I usually wake up with a foggy head and an outlook that could use changing. When I hop in the shower, I reset my morning. Something about the idea of *washing away* that does the trick for me. The steam and the silence helps. And my soap? Mmmmm. A slice of sensory heaven. I'd love for you to try it.

Please hop on over to LuSa Organics and browse around the site. Pick a product that piques your interest and tell me about it in a comment here. (Visit their blog while you're at it to meet the family behind this inspiring business.)

I'll pick one random entry and I'll order you something lovely. A birthday treat from me.

Sweets to the sweet. Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for entering. I drew a winner -- Betsy!