Monday, April 19, 2010

all the world’s a stage

Stage is dimly lit, empty except for a sleeping woman under a blanket. An alarm clock with brightly red numerals illuminates the scene. 

Alarm rings loudly. 

Woman rises, hair extremely tussled, turns off clock and lays back down. As soon as she's settled, the alarm rings again. She stands to turn if off and lays back down. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

After she turns off alarm the final time, EXIT Woman, walking slowly, dragging bare feet. 

Lights from stage floor illuminate fog filling the empty stage. 

ENTER Woman, mug in hand. She drags her feet to stage center and stands motionless, looking down. 


ENTER twenty Children, yelling and laughing. Children run around Woman, bumping into her. She remains motionless and expressionless.

Off stage, Babies cry. The yelling and crying grow louder and louder and Woman slowly sits down, posture slumped, hands over ears.


Woman lifts head with sudden movement and looks around.

EXIT Children. Cue all stage lights. 


Woman combs her hair with her hands, still looking around, now standing.

Lights go down, stage resets.

Lights up. New scene. Two Children sit at a small table, coloring quietly.

ENTER Woman, carrying Baby.

Woman [cradling phone to shoulder]: Hi! Good! How are you?

Lights go down.